The Sacrifice for Mercy


Sarah Faupel





I was hidden and My Father had made every provision for me. As the first born of all creation I had nothing, yet I had everything. I was poor, yet I was rich. I was dearly loved and cherished, and was the very Word of God that spoke all of creation into existence. No one could fathom the Love that I shared with my Father. So much so that Daddy thought it best to let Me have My way. Or was this His plan all along? Okay then…Our way.


 I was still grieving with my Father over the great divorce on earth. Even from before the flood Our sorrow for having made the earth was before Us. Seeing the horrible plight of mankind in their desperate efforts to be like Me….beloved by the Creator, their heavenly Maker; and knowing we could never be in them to satisfy their longing hearts, was devastating to Us. So cheated by their marriage to the world as it revealed itself for what it really was. They were lured out of the garden by the empty promise of Omniscient bliss disguising a cheap substitute for Sonship and adoption. They had awoken to the reality that they were under a terrible yoke, a marriage to self that was depriving them of life and of who they were created to be, and keeping them from their intended Husband. These were those lost in the maze of sin. He intended for me to be the Door back to Him. Just as My Father and I were perfect in one, so should we be.


So I agreed with my Father, that I was to make the difference, to bridge the gap, repair the breach, tear down the wall, and open a door to walk into. For these to know the love of My Father, was for Me to give them, by My willingness to be emptied of all the privilege and love that I had been given as His precious Son. This was a far greater sacrifice than anyone could ever imagine. They had lived on the earth without knowing the fullness of Our love. Yet, for Me to go to the cross and lose My privilege of Abba’s love and perfect communion with My Father, was the only chance for them to have Life and Love of Us once again.


What would happen if they could see through My human eyes the immortality of their own souls and the future of all their deepest desires being fulfilled in the union of their spirit to Mine?  My Father made them for eternity, to know Him and live; and they had settled into the knowledge of good and evil—death.


So I humbly begged My Father’s release. I asked Him to let Me be His answer to the deepest hurt of His heart…the loss of His creation and the ones He desperately loved. He agreed that this was the only way for them to see or understand His love to the point of embracing Him in the form of Me, His precious Son. But they would have to do more than to just acknowledge Me as the Christ, they would have to be willing to follow My example by taking up their own cross and denying themselves. This is a death walk that many future souls would think they can circumvent. If they would only understand that My walk to Calvary only paved the road for theirs; and I would have them know that I am the firstborn of many to come that would intercede for the lost creation. They must understand this again through my manifest Sons.


 But for Me to be released to the earth and take the form of a human and a servant, was for My Father to lose Himself and be emptied of the only perfect communion He had…at least for awhile. It was a sacrifice for My Father that many don’t understand…they see My sacrifice on the tree and even as I took on the world becoming in appearance like them, having everything in common and finally becoming their sin.  But do they understand that My Father had to empty Himself of Me and lose what was most precious to Him for My release to the world for the salvation of men? Do they understand that for My Father to release Me to the world in the form of a human was for Him to empty Himself?          


The sacrifice for mercy would become the cross for all to bear! For Me to come to earth would be to carry Him in My earthen vessel and be poured out for the hope of redemption. The cost would be His life, the purchase and return would be theirs. He could never send Me alone…I could never take on the world without Him. He knew that if He didn’t go with Me to earth in Spirit that I could never fulfill Our mission. But would they be willing to carry Me so they could fulfill our mission through them?


So He made a plan to breathe His Spirit into a virgin and create Himself in human form, pouring His precious Son and HIMSELF because we were ONE, into the very creation that would only reject, scorn, and ultimately kill Him. We knew this sacrifice was way beyond what the creation could relate to, since NOTHING that a human could ever possess is even close to the precious Son of God. Yet it still went way beyond this. The death of My body would serve as the gateway to Hell where I was to receive the keys to death. These keys were to unlock the Door to Life found only in Me. Yes, Life comes from death, and the cross is but the final swallowing of death and the grave…Our ultimate victory in the earth.  Once death was conquered by God in this way, He could purchase many more sons for Himself, to multiply His seed, and to release them to glory through their own voluntary loss and death on their cross. In this way, there would be as many Sons of God as would truly follow and believe in His only begotten son; that His joy would be made full and creation of planet earth would know redemption. 


But I had a most daunting task just ahead. To show mankind the incredible love of their Maker—my Dad—in such a way that they would see that they, too, must empty themselves in order to be fully possessed by the One who made them. This would only be accomplished through their cross. I would understand soon enough that this was the only way back to my Father’s home. I carried a greater burden for His lost ones the closer I came to My time to embrace the cross. But with each miracle and display of His glory through me, I was able to see Heaven again and remained fixed on this hope.


The most astounding act of God was performed when I became a spoken word, a seed and finally a flesh and blood  baby who would go through all the paces of growing in stature and wisdom…having to learn obedience to My Father all over again now with His perfect will coursing through My mortal soul…keeping My eye on the hope that one day I would come again being newly clothed  in His sons who would put on immortality through My resurrected body to reign with Him on earth as it is in heaven.


©2011 Sarah Faupel