The Wind, the Water, and the Rain


The Lord is saying that My Words are coming forth in strength - in power and in clarity, in pureness and in fullness. To the prophets that have been waiting - no longer will it be a word of looking through the glass darkly - but it will be a word of crystal clarity, sharpness - cutting to the quick of the situation - cutting to the quick of any heart, any false motives. It will be a word that with its coming will bring the power to break chains and bondages that have not been able to have been broken in the past.


The word the Lord is sending - is one of POWER - not just a word for edification or prophecy, but it will come with the Presence and the mightiness - of HIS MIGHTY ARM! The portion that has been promised and looked for is coming forth upon the prophets. They will not stand any longer in weakness and in tarrying - and in hoping and in the places where their hearts have become faint, they will rise up with HIS resurrection life - and stand up with full power and in full glory and in full presence of My Spirit - sayeth the Lord. From their hands will come the destruction of the enemy, will come the resurrection of the rest of my saints, will come the healing of the nations and will come the reaping of the harvest!


It is not far off - it is not FAR OFF! I speak to encourage - says the Lord. Though your time is not my time - it is STILL not far off that you should faint, or be fainting. Focus - and keep your eyes upon My Promise, My coming forth - the words that I have spoken that I have told you that I have called you into - Step into those promises - Step into that work I have assigned to you. Though you may start with just a "little power," the FULL POWER - is not far off and will fully - FULLY take over your entire being. This power will encompass EVERYTHING you do! Your walk every minute will be unto My Words - with praise you will stand before me and offer up what IS acceptable worship! Your tongues will no longer praise me in vanity; your tongues will praise ME IN TRUTH, and will give glory to the Father - in Truth and in Spirit - that IS DUE HIM. The angels are sent forth in a mightier way, to tear down, to war, to protect, to hedge in and those that have been through the purification will be hedged in with protection so that the fires and the trials of the past no longer come in - will no longer be allowed. My sons ARE rising up - those that I SAY are "My Sons."


Beware of those who SAY they are "My sons," but speak of themselves and raise up ideas and opinions that are NOT freeing those that are oppressed. Beware of those who speak a word - but their words oppress and bring MORE BONDAGE. Be clear of mind to know that when I speak a word of freedom - IT TRULY FREES, and does not further bind - or add more weight where there is already a weight.

YOU WILL KNOW WHO I WILL FREE - FOR THEY WILL BE FREE - and they will sing and dance and REJOICE! They will not walk away with a countenance that is further thrown down.


That which is mine - I am beginning to possess. I bring forth the wind of My Spirit - that has been My Promise - and it IS beginning to blow with breezes that will increase in strength and bring forth the rivers of healing - the clear waters of My Word, NOT the polluted waters of the past that was mixed with the doctrines of men and demons. The pure water of My Word is coming forth through my apostles and my prophets to establish My Temple and My People and to be able to feed my people with the true, TRUE WORD - that proceeds from My Father not with the muddy waters that has been drunk in the past.

You are established on the ROCK! Those whom I have called and chosen ARE established upon me. NONE can be taken from my hand! LOOK, LISTEN and listen for the sound of the wind and the water and the rain. IT IS COMING! It is rising up within you and it is also coming from above to meet that rising up!

There SHALL BE a meeting of My Spirit descending

and your spirit ascending up to me.


Author Unknown