Chris Anderson


[Author's Note, November, 2009:]


Caution:  For Mature Eyes Only


This treatise was originally released as a circulation letter in the Spring of 1996. It corresponds with my leaving of established church ministry and a drawing to return to engage the secular world ahead of the Lord's return. I hesitate to post this material because of its extremely radical nature (which can excite the spiritually ignorant and lawless), its potential for misunderstanding in view of all the false cultic "new revelations" of Christ that dog these end times, and simply because it lies outside the box of my own prophetic understanding in some areas. I have no way presently to harmonize some of the implications here with the main body of other writings posted on this site. Nor does it adequately address implications for the restoration of Israel or the perfection of the Church.


The case laid out is based on a prophetic perception of broad patterns, and includes some prophetic "speculation" that is at best incomplete (if not inaccurate). Nevertheless, despite what remains unclear in it even to me, I offer it to the Lord's people by faith, being persuaded of the Spirit's impartation to write what I was given to see.


Only time will reveal the true value and accuracy of the treatise. Meanwhile, it is meant in no way to demean any genuine prophetic work of the Lord operating in the remaining present context of our "Gospel Era." It is meant only more to say, "Heads up. This is what's coming..." Let every reader use prayerful discernment to obtain his own conviction from the Holy Spirit regarding it.]



Spring, 1996




Approximately every seven years since I was converted in 1968, the Lord has ushered me through a major spiritual transition.  At present, we are passing through just such a time.  Through the contortion and uncertainty such transition involves, the Lord usually meets me with a new understanding that prepares the way for that next direction.  This letter reflects new perspective the Lord is imparting to me now as a result of our present move.


In 1982, I left the evangelical/deeper life wing of the church to explore the Spirit-filled sector.  Now, in 1996, He appears to be taking us into an arena that we would not have anticipated, namely, the secular world.  In fact, the Lord has seemed to say the following to me, "For seven years, you gave yourself to Me. For another seven, you gave yourself to the church. Now, for seven more years I will give you to the New Gentiles."


After reading this letter, you will understand the vision that is motivating us to head in this otherwise unusual direction.  What might normally appear as a step contrary to faith will, we believe, prove to be a forward step in God's plan for a new people, a yet undiscovered sheepfold for the next age. 






I. A New Revelation of Christ?


At exceptional times in human history, God makes Himself known in a new way and on a higher plane than He has been known to that time.  Those who stand out most uniquely in biblical history do so because they are the ones who received a new revelation of God at the opening of a new chapter in His dealings with men.  Just think of Noah, Abraham, Moses, Samuel, David, and Paul. 


The last time God presented a new revelation of Himself was when He revealed Christ in the flesh to His apostles.  That was almost 2,000 years ago.  Now, at the opening of the 21st century, I believe we're again on the verge of a further revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ--one that will set as much precedent as any before it.


To be sure, we are all awaiting the bodily reappearance of our Lord Jesus and the translation of his elect people into glorified life.  But is this what I am referring to?  Well, possibly.  What I am seeing will almost certainly unfold right into that grandest of revelations.


But I believe what I am writing you about today may actually precede the Lord's physical coming, even if only by a few years.  Yet it is a revelation of Christ not seen before, one to be as earth shaking as any before it, and needs to be prepared for.  We need to prepare for it because it will not look like anything we have anticipated concerning coming revival or restoration based in our past experience with these moves.


From my special vantage point here in New England, I believe this coming revelation will 1) answer to the numerous prophecies of revival concerning New England that have been promulgated the last 15 years, 2) be the final revelation of God to North American society before final destruction sets in, 3) bring to completion the "times of the Gentiles" and 4) serve as the founding revelation on which the Millennial people will be built. 


But before I can outline the specifics of this coming revelation, we need to examine key patterns that characterize past revelations of God.  There are facets of the revelations to Abraham and to Paul that will especially help us understand the nature of this next one.



II The Revelation to Abraham


In studying Abraham, we tend to focus on the watershed events of his life without appreciating the context in which he walked out his call from God.  We're very aware of Abraham's communion with the Lord.  We're less aware of the relationship of that communion to the times and people among whom he dwelt.


One of the first things we assume about God's revelation to Abraham is that this was the only revelation of God that anybody in the earth had, and that, until this call, no one had any knowledge of God.  But closer examination will tell a different story.  If we will dig deeper, we'll see that Abraham's call came amidst an underlying religious tension that existed between two family lines in the earth. 


One line possessed a true but old, stagnant revelation of God.  It was rooted in the revelation given to Noah and was perpetuated through Shem's line (which was Abraham's line).  The other line bore a corrupted revelation of God.  It was held by those of Ham's line, including Ham's sons Canaan and Cush, and Cush's son Nimrod.  Look at these two competing religious powers with me:


-         "Gimme That Old Time Religion"


Abraham was born into a line that held to a true but very old revelation of God.  This revelation, given to Noah, was the "conservative evangelical" currency of its day.  To understand its oldness yet currency to Abraham, we have to do a little math. 


In Genesis 9:28 and 11:10-11, we learn that Noah lived 350 years after the Flood and that Shem lived 402 years after the Flood.  When we proceed to add up the years of the generations from this point to Abraham's birth, we discover that Abraham was born only 292 years after the Flood.  This means that both Noah and Shem were still living when Abraham was born! 


Noah did not die until Abraham was 58.  Shem did not die till Abraham was 110!  When God appeared to Abraham at age 75; Noah had been dead only 17 years while Shem still had 35 years to live.  At age 100, Isaac was born and Shem still had 10 years to live.


The point of all this is that Abraham did not receive his revelation of God in a vacuum as if there was no other knowledge of God.  There was knowledge of God, but by Abraham's time it was very old, although he quite possibly heard of it straight from Noah himself. (Can't you hear the aged Noah picking up young Abram and saying, "Come up on Grampy's knees, little one, and let me tell you how I became the father of all living.  It all started about 420 years ago.  One day, I heard God say...")


Not only would Abraham have known all about the Flood and what caused it, but he would've had a basis for believing that God talks one-to-one with humans (although it hadn't happened since Noah).  He also would have developed a hatred for the rival idolatrous clans of Ham that stretched from Egypt to Ur and who likely held Abraham's own people under the totalitarian grip begun with Nimrod.


-         The "First Gentiles"


What first came to Noah and Shem as the true revelation of God was corrupted through the line of Ham and his sons Cush and Canaan.  About 102 years after the Flood, Peleg was born to Shem's line.  He was named after the great division that occurred in the earth, a likely reference to the scattering of the nations at the Tower of Babel. 


At that time, Cush, his son Nimrod, and Nimrod's queen Semaramis set themselves up as gods in the earth.  They took Noah's revelation of God together with the ancient promises to Eve, and applied it to themselves.  Nimrod was heralded as the promised messiah, while Semaramis became identified as the queen of heaven.  It is from them that the gods and goddesses of all Gentile mythologies became derived. (For more on this, study the book The Two Babylons by the 19th century scholar Alexander Hislop).


Ham's sons Cush, Mizraim and Canaan went on to populate the entire region from Egypt, through Canaan, and down the fertile crescent to Babylon and Ur.  Nimrod began his oppressive empires at Babylon and Nineveh, certainly enslaving all from the Shemitic line that refused to bow to the Hamitic idolatry.  As a resident of Ur, Abraham's clan would have been under the Babylonian thumb.  By his time, the idolatry of the Hamites would have been entrenched for 190 years.


-         Putting the Pieces Together


By the time Abraham was born, these two great struggling religious lines were at a stalemate.  Neither could gain final ascendancy in the earth.  The old Noahic revelation had no power to convert the Hamitic line, but enough power to survive and ward it off.  The Hamites with their empires certainly oppressed the Shemites, but could never quite squash them out either.  This was the context into which Abraham was born and later received the new revelation from God. 


From here, the factors surrounding the revelation take on new significance:


First, God's new revelation to Abraham required him to leave his family line and travel to Canaan, the seat of his family's enemies. 


In severing Abraham from his own family line, God's revelation was severing him from the only repository for the known truth about God to that time.  In calling him to Canaan, God was asking Abraham to both risk his life dwelling amidst those that opposed his native spiritual heritage as well as to expose himself to their immoral idolatry.  All of this is beside the faith it required to make a 1,000 mile journey into the unknown with an entourage of several hundred men, women and children.


Second, the new revelation of God lifted Abraham above the fray between the two lines. 


By calling Abraham to live among his native spiritual enemies, God delivered Abraham from his native spiritual identity.  His name was changed to show that he belonged to God above and apart from his natural kin that held the old revelation.  In coming to Canaan, he neither came as a crusader for the "old time religion" of Noah, nor as an appeaser of the Canaanites (as Lot did at Sodom.) Rather, he lived out of the power of a new revelation, walking through enemy Canaanite society as a man from neither world. 


Because of this, Abraham gained the respect of all among whom he settled.  He won them to himself, bringing respect to his God from the least likely source, and in a way no Shemite ever could have.  Both the Philistines under Abimelech, and the Hittites under Manire, Eshcol, Zohar and Ephron considered him to be as a "god-like prince" in their midsta statesman of statesmen (Gen 23:6 Berkeley).


-         What Is a Father of Faith?


We recognize Abraham as the "Father of Faith."  But it's not til we look at the big picture with Abraham that we see what this really means.  Fathers of faith are those with the capacity to steward a new revelation of God for their time by which they become a blessing to all lesser people groups (Gen 12:3).  Specifically, their revelation does four things:


1)    it delivers them from the encrusted culture attached to the older revelation by severing them from those who still hold the old revelation,


2)    it raises them above the stalemate between the "false revelation" holders and the "fossilized revelation" holders by giving them a new identity based in the new revelation,


3)    it enables them through this higher impartiality to become as true saviors to those with the false revelation ("left wing pagans") as well as of remnant followers of the old true revelation ("right wing religionists")


4)     and it enables them to establish a new lineage of faith by bringing remnants of these two into one new identity through the new revelation.


These factors set the stage for what will mark frontiers of faith in following dispensations.



III. The Revelation to Paul


When we come to the New Testament 2,000 years later, we find similar conditions as during Abraham's time crying out for another new revelation of God to man.  First, we see an underlying no-win clash between an outer heathen society and an inner religious society based on an old revelation of God.  Compare closely:


-         The Jews and the Gentiles


As the physical seed of Abraham, the Jews correspond to those of Abraham's time who stewarded the old revelation given through Noah.  Only, since then an updated revelation had been given them through Moses.  Moses came to be the reference point for the truth about God.  Yet by 30 A.D., this revelation was exceedingly old, about 1500 years.  Meanwhile, over against the Jews was the surrounding Graeco-Roman society: the Gentiles.  These people were the spiritual descendants of the line of Nimrod, both in the worship of the mythologies as well as in empire building.


By the time of Christ, these two societies were caught up in the same interminable clash that existed between the ancient Shemites and Hamites.  The two worlds were at a stalemate.  The Jews and their synagogues had no power to convert the Gentiles to the God of Moses (as Isaiah lamented in 26:18, "We have not brought salvation to the earth; we have not given birth to people of the world.")


The Jews had only enough power to be a perpetual pain in the neck to the Greeks or Romans or whoever happened to rule them.  Their extreme political wings were always involved in some sort of riots or subversion.  Otherwise, wherever they went, they simply huddled together in cultural ghettos, smug bearers of a self-righteousness based on the old law.  Priding themselves on being the chosen people, they sat around wishing that Messiah would show up to finally give them victory over the Gentiles.


Meanwhile, as heirs of Nimrod, the Greeks, Romans, and other goyim always dealt with a heavy hand toward what they considered these jewish "pests" in society.  They certainly had no use for Jehovah (whoever that was.) Yet as much as they hated the Jews, they could never seem to squash them out.  They could persecute them, ban them, punish them, blacklist them, but they could never overcome them.  All they could do was try to keep a lid on them. 


So this religious standoff continued in the Roman world.


-         The Gospel of Christ: The New Revelation


It was into this very situation that God was ready to reveal Himself anewthis time through His own Son in the flesh.  Out of the midst of the cultural war and spiritual chaos, the revelation of the resurrected Lord Jesus Christ breaks loose upon a handful of men called apostles.  The life of Jesus together with His death and resurrection become the basis for the transmission of this new revelation called the gospel.


One of these apostles becomes the man God uses in the steps of Abraham to carry the new revelation of Christ out of the jewish ghetto, into the open arena of the hated Gentiles, and above the stalemate that existed between the two.  Through Paul, God transcended the conflict between the "good" Jews and the "evil" Gentiles, raising to Himself a new people from the confines of both systems who became identified only by His Son.  By his majority contribution to the New Testament, Paul lays the foundation for the spread of this new revelation to the entire world over the next 2,000 years!


-         Comparison to Abraham


The parallels between Paul and Abraham are striking.  Paul's revelation had the same effects on his world that Abraham's had on his, making Paul a father of faith for the entire Christian era.  As Abraham was first required to abandon the security of his Shemite roots to sojourn among the Canaanites, Paul was called to leave his heritage in Judaism to dwell among the Gentiles.  Both were forced to abandon everything that in their time represented the true revelation of God to that time. Both were called to live and labor among those who were totally estranged from that lineage.


Like Abraham, Paul's gospel caused him to lose his original identity to become an ambassador from another world.  He broke the cultural stalemate by rising above it.  He went on to become a reconciler and bridge builder between those who had fossilized revelation and those who had false revelation. 


Paul gained the ear and respect of Gentiles even as Abraham did of Canaanites.  He became a savior to Gentiles as no Jew could do through the Torah.  As an extender of the promise to Abraham that through him, all families of the earth would be blessed, Paul's influence brought forth a remnant people from both Judaism and heathenism into one new lineage of faith known as Christianity.




IV.  Modern Christianity and the New Gentiles


Having laid the groundwork for this article, I'm ready to elaborate on what I see as the imminent next revelation of God to the world.  We stand at a time 2,000 years since the last revelation of our Lord Jesus Christ and its committal to the apostles.  When we take an overview of the present situation and the long-term historic effects of Christianity under the gospel, two things become apparent:


1)    all present ministry looks backward to a past revelation of Christ through the gospel. Everything is oriented to what Christ did 2,000 years ago.  As the only revelation of Christ in this age, the gospel is now a very old revelation.


2)     Everywhere the 2,OOO year old Christian revelation has gone, its long-term effect has been the developing of the same tell-tale powerless sub-culture as the Shemites and the ancient Jews had under their revelations.


Notwithstanding recent restorations and revivals, Christianity's long term effect throughout the world has been to become a minority sub-culture with little power to convert the heathen to anything but the sub-culture.  The restoration movements have not given it lasting power, only a temporary facelift. 


Within a few years of any restoration, its back to "business as usual" for the church and for the society in which the church is found.  Overall, world Christianity has come to that same place as past revelations where it is powerful enough only to be a nuisance to the heathen world, but not powerful enough to overcome it.


In the places where Christianity has had its longest historic influence (such as Europe and New England), the surrounding world has become virtually impervious to the gospel, "vaccinated" if you will.  The revelation that once was the "power of God to salvation" is now just a passing curiosity in the marketplace of ideas. 


Where the gospel may have quelled the influence of paganism during a given generation, its own influence in these societies has now been replaced by a gospel-proof strain of heathenism composed of sterile secular humanism, science, moral relativity, and closet New Age-ism.  A New Gentile culture has arisen for which the old Christian message is no match.


At the same time, though this revived heathenism is less vulnerable than ever to Christianity, neither has it mustered the power to root out Christianity.  With all its secular political power (both democratic and socialistic), it persecutes the Christians as it did the Shemites and Jews.  Yet it can never quite get rid of them.  The Christian sub-culture survives on. 


So it is we are come to the same worldwide religious standoff as existed in the days prior to the past new revelations of God.


-         The Signs Say It All


Can you see with me that the signs of the times point to an imminent new revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ?  This revelation will not be just another level of restoration based on the original gospel.  It will be a new revelation that will subsume the gospel into it as well as every other revelation that has gone before.  It's going to be the Gospel II.  Its reference point will not be what Jesus accomplished 2,000 years ago, but something the Lord is accomplishing or has just accomplished NOW as a result of His original sacrifice!


I cannot describe this next revelation to you because I have not received it.  I don't believe it has been imparted yet.  I can only tell you the following:


1)     this revelation is imminent,


2)     when it comes, it will supercede "Christianity" as we know it, thus breaking the stalemate between Christianity and the New Heathenism,


3)     we can prepare for it by studying the prophetic patterns that mark transitions between revelational eras.


The things I am about to share with you are to help you prepare for the unexpectable.  Because we are so "sold" on what we call Christianity, some of what I will tell you may sound heretical.  I ask you to pray about those things.  When I am done, I hope I will not only have helped prepare you for what is coming, but that you'll understand why I believe God is now calling my family back to the secular world here in New England. 


If my prophetic perception is accurate here, the regions in the world that have developed the great end-time secular anti-virus to the gospel will become the centers for the birth and development of the next revelation of Christ to the world.


V. The End of the Age: What It Means for the Current Revelation of Christ


When Jesus referred to the end of the age, he was not merely referring to the completion of a period of time after which He would come back.  He was referring to the end of a dispensation in the way God would be revealing Himself to man. 


For 2,000 years, God has revealed his Son through the gospel message based in the Scriptures accompanied by the Spirit.  In this time, a great spiritually powerless ghetto has grown up around the preaching of this message throughout the world.  That ghetto is called Christianity--enclaves of people who adhere to the gospel and who may be persecuted for it, but who have otherwise adapted to the surrounding world with no appreciable influence on it. 


In light of this, there are two things I must get across to you: 1) The re-telling of the gospel is about to be replaced as the primary means of revealing Christ to the world, and 2) God is finished with Christianity as we know it.


A.   The Replacing of the Gospel


Of everything I will say in this article, my statement that the re-telling of the New Testament gospel will be superseded by the next revelation of Christ as the medium of salvation will be the hardest to swallow.  Yet in the near future, John 3:16, the Romans Road and the Four Spiritual Laws will no longer be the currency by which God works to redeem men. 


Like every revelation of God for salvation, this means of revelation too is subject to replacement.  But hear me carefully!  I am not saying that the death and resurrection of Christ will no longer be the basis for salvation.  (I repeat: I am not saying that the death and resurrection of Christ will no longer be the basis for salvation.) 


The work of Christ will always remain the basis of salvation for all eternity!  However, the re-telling of the historical accomplishment of that work will be replaced as the medium for imparting salvation.  It will be replaced by a new revelation of Christ that supersedes the telling of a story for effecting the new birth.


- A Look at the Evidence


There are some things I cannot prove to you.  This is one of them.  But I want to make a couple points that I hope can bear witness to what I am saying.  From there, you pray about it. 


First, look at the long-term effect of the gospel on society as well as in your own life.  While in our hearts all of us believe the gospel, we've all had this gnawing in our conscience that says "I know the gospel is the truth, so why does it have so little effect on society?" How is it that for something declared by Paul to be the power of God unto salvation, the gospel has less power today on anybody that hears it than it ever did?  Never has there been more preaching of the gospel and less fruit for it.


If you're like me, you've been saying for a generation, "Why evangelize?  My words have no power as I retell the 'old old story.' Nobody listens, except maybe a few isolated converts--and even when they get converted, their zeal for God is burned out after 5 years!  Besides, where do I tell them to go worship?  My own church is dead enough [or else running on "hype"] as it is.  Why should I pollute the lives of these new ones?"


Not all the modern self-help books, courses, and evangelistic arts techniques have done anything to change this.  The bottom line is that, to evangelize, you have to live a double life--boldly offering what you know is the truth while secretly being ashamed of everything in society that already bears the name of that truth!


- The Life Span of Seeds


The following illustration will demonstrate why I believe this has come to be the state of things.  The other day Sue came inside to plant some old flower seeds she had had for a number of years.  She wasn't even really sure if they would grow, but she tried.  Well, after some time, nothing happened with most of the seeds.  One packet of seeds did not grow at all.  From the other packet, some grew, but their shoots were weak and emaciated. 


We have to understand that the gospel too is a seed.  As such, like all seeds it has a certain limited span of viability.  Once the life span of an ungerminated seed is up, its time to get new seed.  The problem with the gospel is that we are trying to plant gardens of salvation with 2,000 year old seed.  As a result, the crop we are bringing up now at the end of the age is weak and emaciated.  This is an indicator that God is ready to introduce a new kind of revelational seed in the earth.


Now you may argue with this conclusion based on scriptures that say the gospel is (present tense) the power of God for salvation, and the seed of the Word is incorruptible.  You might also warn me against the promoting of "another gospel"(-- though weren't similar arguments about the Law's permanence the basis on which the Jews refused the new revelation through Christ?)


But to allay your fears over these very justifiable cautions, let me make these observations:


First, that the gospel "is the power of God unto salvation" does not mean it is the only and greatest demonstration of God's power unto salvation in His long term dispensational plan such that it cannot be superceded by a still greater more glory-empowered means of salvation in a later age.


The idea of a new revelation of Christ transmitted by a more powerful means of salvation than the gospel is not prohibited by the statement that the gospel "is the power of God unto salvation." Paul, who penned these words, while knowing his gospel was a culminating revelation for his age that had just commenced (Eph. 3:5), nevertheless also recognized that there were still more "perfect" things to come in a plan that covers many ages (I Cor. 13:9-10; Eph. 2:7).


Next, the inherent "incorruptibility" of the gospel does not mean the gospel is not saddled with limitations under a time dispensation that cannot be improved on by a greater revelation to come. The gospel's incorruptibility did not preclude all idea of its having limited adequacy in this age for converting men. Even Paul had to concede that, despite the power of his gospel to save men, his word still had to contend with the corruptible "infirmity of the flesh" in men which could thwart the power of his word. (Rom. 6:19).


Even Jesus said that the gospel "seed" could sprout but weakly and be "choked out," (Mt. 13:5-7) showing a certain limitation in its viability against certain elements in this age. He could just as easily have said that if the seed lay too long on any ground without being germinated, it eventually would not sprout--which in effect He did say in warning people about long term hearing of the gospel without responding to it.


Such limitations on the Word due to factors in men's hearts do not reflect on the word's otherwise internally "incorruptible" nature. But at the same time, the gospel's internal incorruptibility doesn't mean God has no different, better, more glorious and effective "seed" revelation for dealing with men's hearts in a new age of planting than our remaining old gospel.


Third, Paul's warning against "another gospel" in no way limits God from replacing it later according to His plans over ages. This is an issue of context. Paul is speaking about a competing gospel confined to the same age as his gospel that denies his gospel. It would be like Moses saying, "Beware of anyone bringing you another Law to live by." Such a statement couldn't preclude the first revelation of Christ who replaced the Law by fulfilling it, not destroying it. Neither therefore does Paul's warning against "another gospel" preclude another revelation of Christ that will replace it, and in so doing, fulfill the purpose of the gospel without succumbing to its age-inherent limitations.


Let me conclude my case by pointing out that, by the time we get to the end of the age in Revelation 14:7, there is a definite change in the gospel message.  It no longer tells the "old, old story." Instead it declares, "Fear God, and give him glory, for the hour of His judgment is come." This is called the "everlasting gospel," yet it sounds nothing like the gospel espoused by Paul.  And it is based in the present tense action of God in that generation. This demonstrates not only that there is a change to come in the revelation of Jesus Christ to mankind, but it gives us a hint of the flavor that revelation will embody as the "Gospel II."



B.   The End of "Christianity"


What we today call Christianity is a replica of the Jewish sub-culture that existed at the time of Christ's first coming.  Judaism was rooted in the truth of an old old revelation of God, but had no saving impact on the Roman world.  It was a ghetto that kept to itself. 


Except for an insignificant amount of proselytizing, the Jews just debated with themselves through the synagogues, rabbinical schools, and religious hierarchies while waiting for the Messiah.  True, there were also activist zealots, many of whom were either thrown in jail or killed.  But neither the jewish academics nor zealots offered any victory over Roman heathenism or its political power.


Today, the New Roman Empire is the democratic world empire administered from America by those planning for a single world government.  Christianity is the New Judaism replete with its own social and media ghetto within that empire.  Its professors debate the issues of the day in the Bible schools and seminaries, and its activists are out "witnessing" to the gospel, or else picketing, or sometimes resorting to violence against the latest evil plot. 


But otherwise, the Christian church is largely without power over the New Gentiles and their culture.  In fact, American Christianity as a social force is but one of 6 co-equal sub-cultures vying for control in the arena of public life. (For a look at the other 5, get the book A House Divided, by Mark Gerzon, published by Putnam, 1996 [avoid Chapter 4])


What we must understand beyond all shadow of doubt is that, like the ancient Jewish society in Rome, today's great burdensome worldwide religious society called Christianity (or Christendom) is not at the heart of God's plan for mankind and will not be the carrier of the next revelation of Christ.  At best, it has been a cocoon for what will be that revelation even as Israel served as a cocoon to steward the law until Christ. 


Christ was the fulfillment of what Israel was all about, but Israel under the law was not that fulfillment.  In like manner, this church age has only stewarded the gospel as a womb awaiting to birth a far more powerful revelation of Christ at the end of the age.  This new revelation will fulfil what the church age was all about. But "evangelical spirit-filled" Christianity (never mind catholicism) with its gospel is not that fulfillment!  God is already done with Christianity.  But this will also not become really apparent until the new revelation breaks forth.



VI. What about the Restoration Movements and the Promised End-Time Revival?


Since before 1517, the Lord has been doing a restoring work concerning the role of the Scriptures in the church.  Since about 1730, He has also been doing a reviving work concerning the place of the Spirit of God.  These two, the Word and the Spirit, have been the essence of what the Gospel Age has been all about.  Today, there is more Word and more Spirit than there has ever been. 


But if you will note, neither of these has changed the situation at large concerning Christianity in the world.  It all still operates in this great ghetto that leaves the New Gentiles untouched.  The surrounding society is still decaying at a rapid rate.  This is because the restorations and revivals we have seen in history and at present are not what the new revelation of Christ will be about.  They only point to that coming revelation.


"But what about China where the gospel is gaining great headway?  And what about the promise that the gospel must be preached in every nation before the end comes?  Do not these show that the gospel will remain the standard of revelation right to the very end?"


These are good questions.  My answer to them is this: Yes, the gospel must be preached in every nation before the end.  But that does not mean there will not be a new revelation of Christ before the end that supersedes the gospel.  As for China and other lands where the gospel is presently burning brightly, these are still but harbingers of a nearing superior revelation of the Lord. 


We still need to understand that even the present revivals are fraught with interwoven deception and counterfeit work of the enemy--all of which demonstrates their limited viability for bringing the kingdom to earth.  Remember, Old Testament Israel had revivals too.  But the Old Testament revelation was superseded just the same.


The earth has been like one great charcoal grill sprayed with a round of lighter fluid called the gospel.  The match was lit 2,000 years ago in Europe, and thence the flame travelled to North America, and now most recently to the Far East.  But there's been one problem.  The charcoal is wet!  So the flame goes out in one place before it even reaches the next place in the grill.  It will take a new fluid, one that dries out the charcoal as well as burns it before the charcoal will catch and the whole grill burns.  The next revelation will be the fluid that does precisely that.


Right now, the church is looking to one last great revival of the old gospel to come and finally set the record straight.  While it's true that restoration and revival must reach a certain fullness before the Lord appears (Acts 3:21), revival is but a precursor to the next age of revelation. 


The coming revelation will altogether transcend revival as we know it.  What revival fires of the original gospel may still be burning when the new revelation appears will be overtaken by the greater flame of the new revelation while in progress: "The reaper will be overtaken by the plowman and the planter by the one treading grapes" (Am. 9:13).


But because we are looking only for revival, we are, like the ancient Jews, looking for salvation from the wrong corner.  We are looking for the wrong thing.  And when the real thing comes, we will not recognize it because it will not answer to anything we have called "revival" or "restoration" in this era. 


The word revival does not do justice to what is coming, because it will not be a revival at all, but a naturally unrecognizable new planting--a new revelation with a saving power unlike anything we have seen in the gospel age. It will fulfil what all restorations and revivals have pointed to in the gospel age, but it will not be a final revival or ultimate restoration of the gospel age or of the "lost New Testament church."




-         Difference between Restoration and Fulfillment


To understand how this next move will not be an ultimate restoration of the church, but a fulfillment of it, we have to see the ante-type in the transition from the Old to New Testament.  What in our age has been the combined ministries of the Word and Spirit was in the Old Testament called the Law and the Prophets. 


We are told that the Law and the Prophets were until John, but then the kingdom was preached (Lk 16:16).  John was the last restorer.  But when Jesus arrived, He came not as an ultimate restoration of the Law and Prophets, but as their fulfillment.  He did not finally bring back the Law and Prophets.  He embodied them, from whence He imparted His life to His new covenant people.


Similarly, in this dispensation we have lived under discipline of the Word and the Spirit.  In the last 500 years, we have witnessed restoration of the Word, and in the last 100-200 years the revival of the Spirit.  But this next revelation of Christ to man will not be an ultimate restoration of the Word or an ultimate revival under the Spirit.  It will be the consummate embodiment of both. 


This will be the inheritance of the new New Testament people to whom the Lord will come.  Where it was said "until John were the law and prophets, then the kingdom was preached," it will then be said, "until the new revelation of Christ, the Word and the Spirit were being restored, but now the Kingdom is realized."





VII. Receptors And Rejectors Of The Next Revelation


I can't tell you specifically what the imminent next revelation of Christ will entail. However, based on my observation of past prophetic patterns, I can tell you quite a bit about the surrounding conditions that will prevail when it comes.  I can tell you who will receive it, who won't, and the nature of the movement this revelation will produce in the earth.


-         The Recipients


The essence of the next revelation is that it will be centered on those who have least connection to the church and have been the most removed from the original revelation of God in the west.  It will rest on those most hardened to the Christian gospel.  As in Paul's day salvation came to those furthest from the God of the Jews, so this next revealing will come to those whom evangelical Christianity has written off as its most bitter opponents: the New Gentiles.


Who then are these New Heathen to receive the New Gospel?  We are talking about the dead, amoral, immoral, computer-savvy secular humanists, agnostics, atheists, gay and pro-choice people who inhabit the darkest towers of power elitism: the professors of the ivy-league universities, the conspirers in the closeted halls of government planning the New World Order, and Wall Street's financial architects of world economy. 


There is a hidden planting of the Father today, - a sheep seed in the heart of the secular world that the church knows nothing about.  It is hidden away in the houses of Rockefeller, Kennedy, world bankers, and government bureaucrats.  It is a seed the Lord specifically ordained to be untouched by the trappings of Christianity and its fading gospel message.  They are people who have never set foot in a church, nor ever will, except perhaps in a way an ancient Gentile might have occasionally visited a synagogue. 


Despite their godless sterile surroundings, God has planted a hunger and gnawing in these remnant Secularists for truth, - a truth which the church does not display, and which their own failed beliefs in moral relativism cannot satisfy.  These are a hidden sheephood who know there must be an absolute reality, but they know they haven't found it and they know that, (as the wise of this world can plainly see,) Christianity does not bear it either.


-    Who Will Reject the New Revelation, and Why


Have I offended you by the description of the people who are going to welcome the next revelation of Jesus Christ?  Aren't these the people who are going to bring in the New World Order and the Mark of the Beast?  Aren't they the ones who will reap the ultimate judgment of God as Revelation says?  Are these not the mortal enemies of the evangelical church and the Christian gospel?


Absolutely right!  These people answer to all these things.  That's why we have written them off.  They're too smart, and "we know" that God only saves those with little intellect.  They're too rich, and of course "we know" God only saves the poor.  They're too up on the technological revolution, yet "we know" God is only going to work through those who avoid the latest technology. 


But though the mainstream church may not recognize it, God has a different idea about this hidden sheephood.  That difference is what will cause many in Christianity to reject the new revelation.  Consider:


When the Jews refused the first revelation of Christ, they did so for a number of reasons:


1)    the new revelation did not come in a way that they could see maintained the supremacy of Moses,

2)     the new revelation did not exonerate their sub-culture before the heathen Roman work nor did it give them that final elusive victory over the Gentiles,

3)    the new revelation was received by the very heathens who rejected their sub-culture,

4)     in receiving the gospel, the Gentiles did not become Jews as a result, and

5)     out of jealousy, the Jews rejected those to whom the powers of God came, powers of which they themselves could only tell past stories, and powers for which the Gentiles never labored through a long cultural history to obtain.

These same factors will be in force at the next revelation and will cause Christianity to reject the salvation of the New Gentiles: 


First, the Christians will be unable to reconcile the new revelation of Christ with their interpretation of the New Testament and of the End Times.  As well, because the new revelation won't focus on what Christ did 2,000 years ago, it will not have the sound of the classical evangelical message.  Therefore it will be rejected as a false gospel.


Second, the new revelation won't vindicate the evangelical sub-culture before the world.  Nor will the new power of Christ give Christianity that long awaited victory over the new paganism.  Hardly any "kingdom" school of theology that teaches the eventual victory of the church over the kingdoms of this world will be able to accept this new revelation.


Third, the majority of people who receive the next revelation of Christ will be Secularists, agnostics, atheists, New Agers--the greatest opponents of Christianity.  Because the church has written off the possibility of the salvation of these people, it will not believe that the message to which they have been converted is of God.


Fourth, these new converts will give up their godless secularism to come to Christ, but they won't be converted to the church as we know it.  They won't gather in buildings.  They won't even call themselves Christians!  They will continue to reject Christian sub-culture with a passion.  Yet their lives will bear the clearest image of the Lord Jesus ever seen by mankind.  But because they won't be converted to the church, Christianity will reject them and the new gospel.


Finally, the new revelation will infuse these converted humanists instantly with the perfected combined powers of the complete Word and Spirit that all the restorations and revivals since 1517 have labored so long to restore, and still have not brought to perfection.  Like the parable of the vineyard workers hired at different times, all the Bible-based and Spirit-based movements up to and including today's Prophetic Movement will reject this new salvation out of shear jealousy of what the New Gentiles have received without having worked for it.




VIII.  A New Body For a New Revelation


The prophetic implications surrounding this next revelation of Christ are staggering.  This staggering comes because we expect an ultimate restoration of the church of this age.  But God is working at establishing an entirely new body and lineage of faith, one which today's church only prefigures. 


Wherever there is a new revelation of God, there is a new body of people developed around it, a new lineage of faith established in the earth.  That new body transcends the enmity between the old body and its past persecutors to form one new body.  We saw how Abraham's revelation led him to transcend the rift between the Shemites and the Canaanites.  The first revelation of Christ led to the transcending of the Jews and Gentiles through the church. 


So it will be at this next revelation.  This time, the enmity between the Christians and the Secularists will be overcome.  The new revelation and body will be marked by a number of new realities.


First, the new revelation of God involves the revealing of a new name of God (see Ex. 6:2-3).  Through the Old Testament, God was known as Yahweh (derived from YHWH, the unpronounceable sacred name).  In the New Testament, we came to know Him as Jesus Christ.  Well, at this next revelation of Christ, watch for the Lord Jesus to reveal Himself by one of his many as yet hidden names (Rev 3:12).  It is this new name that the converts from the church and the secular world will take together upon themselves.


Second, the new body that forms around the new revelation also receives a new name.  In the Old Testament, that body ultimately came to be named Israel, after the grandson of Abraham.  In the New Testament, that body became known as the church.  Now, at this next revelation, Christ's body will receive yet another new name.  It will not be called "the church." Yet, the new name will subsume all the past names of Israel and the church.


(It will be this body that realizes the prophesied restored union of the Jews to the Christians under its umbrella as together they share this next new name.  Remember, many many of the greatest secular humanists and agnostics of this day are of jewish heritage who will be instrumental in bringing the Jews into this new revelation.)


- The Next Apostles and Fathers of Faith


When this revelation arrives, it will come first to a remnant among Christians who will become the first apostles to the secular world.  These apostles will bridge the gap between the Christian sub-culture and the New Gentiles.  Through them, the new lineage will become established.  Some will labor more among the Secularists as Paul did.  Others will labor more among the Christians.  Each set will be working toward the bringing together of the new body.  But they will all bear the same new name of the Lord.


Again, it's hard for us to conceive of a new body!  After all, "we are it," aren't we?  No, we aren't it.  We are only one stage in the ongoing development of a people of the Lord through many ages still to come.  Yet this is going to be the greatest hurdle for those apostles who are called to labor among the Christians. 


At the first coming of the Lord, Peter, James, and John majored in ministering to remnant Jews who were converted.  Yet these Jews still tried to hold onto the partiality of being jewish.  It was still tough to believe that the Gentiles were not becoming Jews!


In the same way, God will do a great remnant work among the Christians and will raise up apostles to them.  But as a new body, they will have to accept that they are not restoring the church nor reinforcing Christianity. 


Instead, they will have to leave the churches to live by the new faith, joining together with the new Secularist converts.  As Peter, James, and John eventually ministered to all men, so will those apostles who start out in Christianity end up laboring equally among converted Christians and Humanists.


Ultimately, all men will have to leave the church totally behind in one way or other.  The works that are built among the Secularists will not have this problem.  They will not resemble the church in any way as we know it.  Into them many former Christians will flow, but they will not pollute this new work as if to return it to being like the present church. 


The works that start among remnant churches meanwhile will begin with a remnant seed possessing the new revelation aided largely by an influx of converted Secularists from without who will bring utter transformation to these churches.  However, any attempt to harness the new revelation of Christ to the church will cause such a work to die.


- An Aside: Implications of the Next Revelation for the Northeastern United States and Europe


For generations now, New England, as well as the Northeast in general together with Europe has been written off by most promoters of church restoration since 1850.  Except for minor dents by deeper life ministers in the late 1800s, a few new evangelicals in the 1900's, and a scattered faith or prophetic church here or there, these regions have been avoided by all the great evangelists and faith healers. (When's the last time you ever saw Charisma magazine advertise a major conference in New England?)


Nobody in their spiritual right mind wants to come here to minister, never mind live here.  Would you?  There's a thorough blanket of oppression both over these states as well as Canada's maritime provinces for which anybody bearing the message of the 4 Spiritual Laws is no match.  Of all the United States, Christianity has its weakest ghetto here. 


I can't think of a single strong church of any stripe in this region (and believe me, I've been around.) The devil's secularist hold has kept all ministry here emaciated, and has locked out everybody else from the rest of the continent from getting in.  As for what is here, the outer society doesn't even know the evangelical church exists!


But what the devil has meant as his showcase of the church's defeat and his prototype for the world, the Lord has meant for the protection of a hidden seed who will come forth, untainted by all the pollutions of Christianity--an incubator of a new salvation that will eventually penetrate every secular humanist stronghold through the globe. 


Right now, when we look at the Northeast spiritually, we see a burned out field.  And that's exactly right.  There's nothing, not even grass.  All growth has been sterilized.  But a burned field is the first sign of Spring!  We bum off the dead grass in advance of a new planting.  The Northeast is a spiritual burned field, ripe for receiving--not a restoration, not a revival, but a new revelation of the Lord Jesus on which the next age will be established, a revelation to be received and promoted by those who have had less than anyone to do with the church.


We will be utterly surprised by who will receive this revelation.  It will be a revelation so powerful that Secularists, including atheists and New Agers, will receive it.  Think about it, people from Harvard, Brown, Yale, and Dartmouth will have a burning word and Spirit so powerful that they will take on the New World Order elite single handedly:


-         Converted university professors, financial analysts, world government planners will become formidable foes of the great world system they once helped build and which the church could only throw talk-radio stones at.  Walking in Paul's steps, they will demonstrate a redeemed intellect as never seen before, enabling them to become the apostolic foundation layers of the new living teaching that will accompany the revelation of Christ.  Their past philosophies will be converted to a bedrock Truth that will challenge the knowledge of good and evil in those still mired in the ways of Christianity.


-         Converted New Agers, witches, and warlocks will be among the new apostles and prophets of this next revelation.  They will defeat the powers of their former comrades in open contests.  They will demonstrate powers of the world to come that make all Pentecostal revivals of the last 150 years pale by comparison.  Converted ex-Pentecostals and ex-Charismatics will learn from them!


-         Converted liberal Democrats, labor unionists, and corrupt politicians will go on to do what the socialists and humanists hypocritically professed to be their social causes, and which the Religious Right didn't give two hoots about.  These will outdo the welfare state, bringing education to the poor and freely distributing their wealth with the underclasses.


Even some otherwise irredeemable gays and abortionists will be converted through the new revelation.  They will receive a new salvation the power of whose righteousness will answer a lawlessness that Christians could only picket.






To this point I have outlined the broad principles that will mark the outworking of the new revelation of Christ to mankind.  Now I want to go back and fill in some of the color in the picture.



IX. The Nature of the New Message and Ministry


A new revelation requires new foundations, a new apostleship, for bringing living instruction to those who are converted to the revelation of Christ.  There are yet many unknowns concerning what the theological foundations of the new salvation will entail simply because we don't even know what the new revelation of the Lord will be like. 


However, based on what the Lord has privately been building into me over the last 20 years, there are some major things I believe I can tell you will mark the new configuration. (Note: These are things which Christianity either rejects or is simply blind to.  Again, I may offend any number of folk by one or more of the following assertions.  So pray about these):



A.  New Theology Based on New Spiritual Reconciliations


The next revelation of Christ will see a greater union between heavenly and earthly realities.  Fulfilling what we now struggle to resolve through lesser competing perceptions, this new revelation will reconcile many previously unsettled spiritual tensions eliminating many unresolved theological and experiential contradictions of our present gospel age.  The underpinnings of the new apostolic theology will lay out these resolutions which among others will include:


- Unification and Proper Alignment of the Word and Spirit


Throughout the gospel age, the relationship of the Word and the Spirit has been filled with tension.  But through the new revelation, they will no longer be precariously balanced, but wholly reconciled in us. 


The dichotomy between reformed/evangelical and pentecostal/charismatic will be eliminated.  Even the distinction between Word-oriented apostolic and Spirit-oriented prophetic will be dissolved.  A new language that perfectly blends the work of the cross (transformation) and the anointing will also come forth. 


The operation of the united Word and Spirit in this revelation will transcend anything seen in the restorations and revivals of the present era. Not only will the Word of Truth and the Spirit be reconciled in us, but also they will be properly aligned to where the Spirit will function totally in subjection to and support of the Word of Truth. 


The coming apostolic move will be centered in the Word of Truth, not in the activity of the Spirit.  Yet the activity of the Spirit will be there as never seen before.  The Word of God with all its masculine natured authority will be restored to supremacy.  Living Truth beginning with the fear of God and leading through the disciplines of sonship will be primary.


- The Reconciliation of Spiritual Natures: Masculinity and Feminity


As an extension of the reconciliation of the Word and Spirit, there will come the full reconciliation and realignment of the masculine and feminine spiritual reflections of God seen through the offices and natures of His people.  As the Word of Truth displays the masculine nature of God, the extension of that nature is seen in the fathering ministry of the apostle.  As the Spirit displays the feminine nature of God, that nature is mainly displayed in the mothering nature of the pastor.


The Church Age has been a spiritually fatherless age in which the churches have been ruled by pastors.  But in the body that forms around the next revelation of the Lord, this will not be so. The new body will be under the full spiritually masculine headship of the apostles.  Pastors will no longer rule, but will come into right alignment under apostles filled with Truth.  That which is people sensitive will be subject to that which is Christ sensitive. 


This will all occur in a context where the local people of God are no longer governed as empires under the control of bureaucratic elder boards or one-man tyrants, but under collaborative teams specifically fitted together by the Lord to represent His complete nature.


Meanwhile, for the first time will appear those who have seen the complete reconciliation of these natures within themselves, obtaining what Christ has already demonstrated as the 'fullness of the Godhead.' Many will walk in the fullness of reconciled, realigned masculine/feminine nature, demonstrating the perfection of sonship.


- Reconciliation of Secular and Sacred


When I was in university, there was a revered maxim that said, "There is no difference between the secular and the sacred." While in theoretical perfection this is true, in the nitty gritty reality of the gospel age, it has not been true.  There has always been that element of the world as opposed to the Christian.


But under the coming revelation, the extension of God's grace to pure Secularists with no Christian background or gospel exposure is going to change that.  Where those converted under the gospel age have been under the confining separation of godly from worldly, those who are converted to the new revelation in Christ will know no difference between worldly and spiritual. 


Yes, evil will still exist and be more extreme than ever.  But the power of the enemy to use the natural creation as a weapon of temptation will be broken.  Thus, no matter how much evil may surround, the next walk in Christ will be such that converts will simply be blind to anything that does not minister Christ to them or aid them in their walk.  Conversely, whatever they touch will be of God simply because they touched it.  There will be no laborious choice over "Is this right?  Is this OK for me?"


[Note:         This coming grace will end the debate between those who believe God's people will simply be removed from a world given over to evil and those who believe a utopian vision where all nations will be converted under the power of good.  This new grace will have the power to deliver from the evil that daily bombards the senses where the gospel has not demonstrated that power.  But it will not eradicate all evil, convert all nations to good or remove the Lord's people out of the world. 


The power of surrounding evil will continue to grow until the Lord's full arrival.  But the grace under the new revelation will supercede the awareness of the evil.  In fact, the evil will become so great that the new grace for becoming oblivious to it will offer the only hope of surviving its deluge.  As stressful as this dilemma will be, the pressure (i.e., tribulation) produced by it is essential to our ultimate deliverance from the knowledge of good and evil into glorified life.]



B. New Teaching on Purified Identity


\Under the next revelation, the new lineage of faith will truly transcend all natural and religious identity to take on a pure identity in Christ alone, spearheaded by the converted Secularists.  Throughout the Christian era, men have repeatedly tied their faith to their nationality, preventing them from becoming part of the true body that transcends all nationality (Gal. 3:28).  To this day in America, evangelicalism is tied to American nationalism.


The remarkable thing about the next revelation is that the New Gentiles, who as the creme of internationalism have rejected all nationalism in favor of a one world system, have unknowingly been washed from a pollution that has dogged the Christians for 2,000 years.  When the new revelation breaks out, these converted internationalists will immediately absorb the true transnational vision that the gospel always called for. 


Understanding that their kingdom is not of this world, these converted Secularists will be above all politics.  In them political left and right will be reconciled as they will be neither.  Because of this, they will be temporary reconcilers between impossible political and social polarities, bringing a stop-gap harmony to society never seen.  This will remain possible until the final wars come.  But before the dam of judgment bursts, that harmony will provide the final window of opportunity for salvation of all remaining sheep amidst mounting world social chaos.


Not only will the new body transcend all nationalism, but also all denominationalism from Roman Catholic to Non-Denominational. Under the confines of the gospel era, men have either given in to denominationalism, or else rebelled against it only to inadvertently create their own denomination.  No move of God within Christianity has had the power to break this. 


No truth under the gospel era has come forth to exonerate any man or movement as the sole incontestable heir to the first apostles.  Denominationalism will be broken only when Christianity itself is altogether transcended by the new revelation of Christ.  Those who leave Christianity together with the converts from Secularism will make this transcension.


Because they will be transcending Christianity, this new people of God will not be called Christians, but will have a new name.  At that time, the term Christian will be reserved to religionism and to those who have only a name to live.  Meanwhile the new people, though not called Christian, will be everything Christianity was supposed to have been in this age, but failed to demonstrate.



C. Changes From the Gospel Age Message


- A Gospel Based in Judgment (Rev 14:7) and the End of Benign Universalism


The most notable difference between the nearing revelation of Christ and the present gospel is that the next revelation will carry a hard authoritarian flavor that establishes the fear of the Lord as the basis for knowing God.  The present gospel of John 3:16 will be replaced by the gospel of Revelation 14:7.  The grace of God will be revealed only in context of the imminent judgment of God.  The present concept of the love of God will be radically altered to reflect this. 


The kind nature of the love of God will only be revealed in context of His hatred of evil together with an unquestionably clear conviction of moral righteousness.  This righteousness will need no proof, but will be its own self-evidencing witness in the heart, transcending all debate in the present no-win conflict between the humanistic moral relativity and Christian moral hypocrisy. 


Anyone converted to the new revelation will have an experience similar to that of the Damascus Road experience of Paul.  There will be no half-hearted "acceptance" or "receiving" of the Lord.  Because of the severity of world conditions, the new revelation will demand immediate total surrender, or else.... In many cases, conversion will be an instantaneous matter of life or death in which, unless a person surrenders to Christ, he will be executed by angels on the spot.


This will be the last great salvaging of spiritual sheep and the last revelation before final firestorm and waves of judgment burn all world societies to the ground in preparation for the manifest kingdom.  Those converted to the new revelation of Christ will be converted to a new power of truth that will break the many deceptions that surround the spread of the present gospel.  This will include:


-         an end of appealing to human sovereignty as the basis for entering into relationship with God.  New revelation concerning God's election, power, and omnipotence regarding human will shall come forth.  There will be no more pleading with men to believe.  The new revelation will command faith through surrender.  All human sentimentality will cease.  All human questioning of God's fairness concerning His sovereignty will be replaced by surrender to truth.


-         an end to the benign universalism that has governed the preaching of the present gospel since the time of John Wesley.  Benign universalism teaches a non-discriminatory redemptive love which holds out the objective hope and possibility for the conversion of all men without exception.  The new revelation will bring out the truth concerning the discriminatory love of God toward sheep, and the elect hatred of God for goats.  It will also detail the distinctions between non-redemptive love applied to all men, and redemptive love applied only to ordained, appointed sheep.


-         an end to utopianism and false kingdom theologies that imagine the redemption of the present world system under Christianity.  All who are converted to the new revelation will know this is the last revelation before final destruction.  They will not be motivated by the false utopianism that believes their revelation can prevent ultimate final destruction or some how "turn it all around." With hearts set on the imminent appearance of the unseen city made without hands, all ministers of the new revelation will know that their engagement of society is only for the targeted redemption of sheep, and that whatever blessing, order, or reconciliation their presence brings is but a temporary window of opportunity geared to this strategy of last redemption.  Converts will be functioning with a mindset largely akin to that of the two witnesses that destroyed Sodom. (Compare Rev. 11:3-6 with Genesis 19.)


-         an end to academic discussion surrounding the truth.  Those ministering the new revelation of Christ will not be entering into theological debates with Christians or apologetic debates with Secularists.  They will simply be proclaiming truth out of the power of a living reality within them.  At the heart of the new revelation will be the clear knowledge of glorification as the end product of this word, and the imminence of translation among those who are ready.  Thus all converts will be consciously laboring toward translation as the concrete goal of their own salvation as well as that of the sheep to whom they minister.


-         an end to humanisticly defined love.  The love of God will become re-centered in obedience to God and apart from obedience to truth will not be acknowledged (Jn 15:21,23-24).  Love for others will be referenced by personal obedience to the Lord, not by humanistic perceptions of love for people that are then used to evaluate one's love for God.


- Relationship to the Scriptures


The new revelation of Christ will have the same relationship to the Bible that the original revelation had to the Old Testament.  As the Old Testament was used extensively to witness to Christ, even though his name did not appear in it nor the specific facts that marked his life and ministry, so the Bible will be used to testify to the new revelation. 


Yet the same truth will be in force.  The new revelation will bring forth an entirely new work of the Lord not detailed in the Scriptures.  It will require a faith to believe in the Lord's new revelation equal to that required of the first apostles.  The faith of God's new people will be in a revelation that is happening now, not 2,000 years ago.


Not only will the revelation of Christ transcend the Scriptures, but it will be occurring amidst the greatest language revolution in the history of mankind.  The new revelation will speak to men in contemporary language.  It will also be written down in contemporary language even as the New Testament was written in the Greek of the Gentiles, not the Hebrew of the Jews. 


Because the new revelation will transcend the Bible as the focus of attention, it will reduce to triviality the debate concerning translations.  In particular, the King James Version will be reduced to a status of archaic importance to remaining English-speaking Christians.  Meanwhile, the revelation itself will be characterized by new terminology paralleling the information explosion, just as the words apostle and evangelist came into being through the first revelation.


The new revelation will be advanced through new channels for communication even as new technologies were used in past restorations for the spread of the gospel (viz., the printing press and the Reformation.) The children of the information revolution converted under the new revelation will not only become freed from their addiction to technology but will skillfully use it to advance the revelation of Christ.  The new gospel will not be dependent on technology for its spread, yet it will make great use of all technology.


Much more importantly, however, the coming revelation will transcend both human language and technology as we know it.  There will be a manifestation of the Spirit with this revelation that will simply bypass human communication.  This bypass will be an amplification of what was prefigured through the original gift of tongues.  As a result of this bypass, the new gospel will span the intelligence gap.  Those who are naturally intelligent will have no advantage and those without strong intelligence will have no disadvantage at being able to receive the new power of Christ.



D. Nature of New Structure for Relationship


The coming body that forms around Christ's next revelation will become the realization of what the church pre-figured, but it will not be called the church.  It will be given a new name to distinguish it from everything in this age that has been confined under the old gospel revelation even as the original term church was coined 2,000 years ago to distinguish it from the synagogue or other Gentile gatherings. 


This body will have a simple common name even as the word ekklesia was a common Greek word of the day, but it will not be a term that has been used by any of the churches of this age.  Possibly a high tech term like forum will be used.


We have already noted the realignment that will come in the pastoral and apostolic offices.  But more than this, there will be a total realignment of the relationship between the new body as a spiritual gathering, and the natural units of the home and the school.  A structure as has been dreamed of throughout the church age by remote prophetic visionaries is even now being anticipated and developed in the spirits of present apostolic thinkers. 

Where the church, home, and school have either been totally fractured as in the evangelical era, or under the total enslavement of a false man-made system as under pre-reformation Catholicism, the new body will be a totally unified, cohesive society mediated only by the power of Christ.  It will be the realization of the one, universal society that Roman Catholicism vainly imagined it alone stewarded.





Although I have raised untold questions that disturb our standard thinking relative to the Lord's return, I have purposely left discussion about this to the very last.  Underneath all I have described about the next revelation of Christ, there remain gnawing questions:


"How does this next revelation relate to what we already know about the end times, the return of the Lord, and the glorification of the saints?  What will the revelation ITSELF be like?  If this next revelation is not the physical revelation of Christ but perhaps leads up to it, then how does it relate to His ultimate coming?  How does it relate to our glorification?  Does it involve glorification or does it precede that as well?"


My heart continues its patient wait for specific answers to these questions.  As I have more illumination I will share it.  For now, I can only give out as much as I have been given.  But I believe I do have some understanding about the nature of the Lord's final coming and our seeing of Him that might set the stage for receiving these answers.


X. The Nature of the Appearance of the Lord


The structure by which our minds describe the happening of events and the way things actually happen are quite different.  This difference is especially obvious when it comes to describing events in nature.  Human thinking is very exact, sequential, and compartmentalized when describing events--like a cartoon strip.  Consider the blooming of a flower.  We say, "First the seed was planted, then a shoot appeared, and then a leaf came, and finally the blossom popped out." Very neat, eh?


But in nature, things are not so exact and defined.  It's actually impossible to pinpoint the moment something moves from one stage into another.  There is, pardon the word, a ceaseless developmental evolution of events in which we can't really nail down the precise time the shoot actually broke the surface, and then bore a leaf, and then a bud.  We only know the moment when we first observed it.  Our observations are like snapshots, giving us still pictures of a living process we really can't track as it really is.


This also applies to our understanding of prophetic events, especially the coming of the Lord.We have these neat prophetic cartoon strips in our minds based on illumination given by the Spirit. With these spiritual snapshots we tell a very orderly arranged story where we say, "First this will happen, then this will happen next, and then this..... But when Jesus actually appears, the reality will be far different than our neat pictures of it imagined. (No, this is not a denial of dispensations, but only of our "exactness" of perception of their demarcations. Flowers still have "stages" of growth.)


The Scriptures liken the coming of Christ to the coming of a new day.  The arrival of a day is a progressive event with a developmental evolution.  First, there is a tinge of light on the horizon, then the tinge becomes a twilight that affects half the sky, then the lighter blue turns to a yellowish-orange haze called dawn, then a single piercing ray pops above the horizon, and finally, the entire sun appears.  Each of these stages is a snapshot.  But in reality, there is no clear demarcation between them.


In the same way, the coming of Christ will have a living development.  This development allows for a series of transitional stages of appearance that defies pinpoint definition.  But we do not allow for this in our thinking.  Our beliefs about Christ's return are made up of assumptions based on our bias toward nice, black and white demarcations of events.


Consider, for instance, I Cor 15:51-52: "We will all be changed--in a flash, in the twinking of an eye, at the last trumpet." Fine.  So we shall.  But what do we assume?  When we read this, we assume that this moment of translation is simultaneous for everyone-- that we will all be changed at the same moment.  We assume the last trump is a "little toot" and, bang, there we all are.  But is this justified?  Suppose the last trump blares for a period of time?  Just because each of us will be changed in a single moment doesn't mean it will be the same moment for all of us.


Nor does the suddenness of the change itself mean there is no development to the change and the appearance of Christ to us.  The moment Paul describes here is just the moment of sunrise of Christ's ultimate appearance.  But what about that which leads up to sunrise?  Does it not follow that there must be stages of revelation and translation before that full sunrise of His appearance and our glorification?


May not Christ arrive in the earthly environs in gradual stages of influence and perception, producing an increasing glow in our spirits before He fully appears?  Before our body is fully reconstructed, may there not be stages in which an element in our blood is changed first, then a few days later, another element, then suddenly another such that we begin to have the heavens opened to us, then finally that moment of complete change occurs and we see the Lord?


And what about after the sunrise?  Consider the moment of translation again.  We make an assumption that the moment we are changed is the moment we disappear.  But may there not be an interval between the moment of complete change and the moment of disappearance?  Suppose there are minutes or hours between the two.  Sure, two shall be in the field, one taken the other left.  But cannot the one who is taken be changed some minutes or hours before disappearing?  Who is to say?


These are the developmental realities about the Lord's coming that our sequential thinking cannot define and so does not make room for.  My only point is this: It is entirely within the realm of reality to say that the next revelation of Christ does not begin with His full-blown bodily appearing. 


The revelation I have described in this article will certainly be different than anything we have called a revelation of the Lord in this era.  It will not be based on the gospel.  It will be an entirely new class of revelation with a power to save beyond the power of the present gospel revelation.  It is a revelation that belongs to the overall totality of the second coming of the Lord.


But that does not require it to immediately consummate in the full appearing of the Lord.  It does not even require full glorification to be consummated in us before being received.  This revelation will be but part of the dawning, a dawning that will include other developmental aspects before the Son of God appears in all his glory to take over the earth. 


We could be talking a period of 3 to 15 years between these stages, or maybe only some months.  Who knows?  To be sure, though, the revelation I am teaching is to ultimately be considered as a part of the Lord's second coming, and is in no wise inconsistent with the promise of it.



XI. The Nature of Seeing


A revelation requires two things: 1) the appearance of an object, and 2) the ability to see the object.  We have just discussed the developmental nature of the appearance of Christ.  But we must also understand what is involved in our seeing of the Lord.  Here is another area where our understanding is plagued by misconceptions based on assumption.


When we talk about the return of the Lord, we have this unspoken mental picture in which we imagine looking up into the sky with the naked eye and suddenly, "It's a bird.. no, it's a plane... no.. it's Jesus!  Hi, Jesus! (wave everybody, it's Jesus coming back for us)..." We envision this purely physical-sensed apprehension of Him coming.


But the scriptures tell a much different story.  There are two kinds of seeing.  There is physical seeing, yes.  But there is a far more important seeing, a redemptive seeing, something which plain physical seeing is not.  Redemptive seeing begins in the heart, developing until it eventually manifests through glorified physical eyesight. 


When we talk about seeing the Lord's coming relative to our final redemption, this is the kind of seeing we are talking about.  What we must understand is that, as literal and physical as the Lord's coming will be, it is only according to the degree that our heart's eyes have developed that we will be able to behold Him in redemptive face to face communion at His coming.


Certain verses taken together make it absolutely clear that not only are we increasingly redeemed by our ongoing inward seeing of the Lord, but that our glorification is the final result of that process and depends upon the growth of our inward seeing.  Whenever we receive a vision of Christ at a given inward level, we are changed to that level:


"And we, who with unveiled faces all reflect the Lord's glory, are being transformed into his likeness with ever-increasing glory..." (II Cor 3:18).


Notice the progressiveness of this.  Our inward vision moves through realms of glory resulting in corresponding progressive changes in us.  Ultimately we're led to that climactic vision of Him where our bodies themselves break out into that same exact glory: 


"...What we will be has not yet been made known.  But we know that when He appears, we shall be like Him, for we shall see Him as He is.  Everyone who has this hope in Him purifies himself, just as He is pure." (I Jn 3:2).


This is where the meaning of Heb. 12 comes in: "Without holiness no man shall see the Lord." Only through the holiness intrinsic to inward seeing do we come to the place where we can physically see Him in the fullest sense.  Without enduring the inward purgings that produce holiness, we can't develop the inward sight that moves us from glory to glory leading to the eyes of glorified existence which alone can see him close up.


"But what about those remaining on the earth who will still see him with physical eyes at His coming?"


Those who only have natural physical vision will still see the Lord, but will be unable to look at Him or discern His face.  They will not have the eyes capable of looking at Him because his brilliance would destroy them.  It would be like looking at the sun now.  They will only see Him as a distant brilliant light.  This distinction between physical seeing and redemptive seeing is akin to the difference by which those in John 12:28-30 heard the words of the Father.  The disciples close to the Lord heard the words, but those more distant only heard thunder.


What does all this have to do with the next revelation of the Lord as taught in this article?  The revelation of Christ I have described for you today will still be an inward revelation tied to the process of redemptive seeing.  Our ability to enter into it as Christians will depend on how much we have already developed in our vision under the gospel era. 


As a part of the second coming, this next revelation will involve a distinctive transformation in us toward glory of a higher plane than anything attained in the gospel era.  But it will still likely be prelude to ultimate translation when we will physically see the Lord through glorified eyes.  It will certainly prelude the ultimate physical appearance as a bright light coming in final judgment that all remaining on earth will see.


But this new revelation will also be received by New Gentiles who have never developed any spiritual seeing under the gospel. For these who have never known the gospel, this revelation will generate a new life of higher grace "genetically superior" to that produced under the gospel. 


As a brand new planting of super grace, the next revelation of Christ will produce an incredible power of inner life from the start, enabling them to see the Lord with the same eyes that it has taken the most mature of the Christian era years to obtain.  It will cut the time it takes to move from initial conversion to glorification. 


In the gospel age, no one (that we know of) has obtained final glory, and the first are only about to.  Moving from inward glory to glory has been a very slow process.  But through this next saving revelation, men will move much more quickly through discipleship phases of glory and into final glory. 


Under the new vision, it will take new saints on average but a few years or decades to become translated without seeing death.  In the same way that the death process once accelerated after the revelation to Noah, the process that reverses death leading to immortality will be accelerated through this next revelation.



Pray For Us


If the things I have outlined in this discourse seem strange to you, be assured that they are to me as well.  Personally, this word forces me to reconsider my entire outlook for the future.  Til now, my focus has been geared on ministering in the temple until I can finally be counted worthy of that hour when the translation takes place.  I have focused only on my own race, basically having given up on trying to bring Laodicean Christians to maturity and the same goal, never mind bring the lost to Christ.


But now I am forced to see a wider picture, one that not only forces me to look outside my own personal race to glory, but requires me to do so among those whom I, like all Christians, have written off.  Personally, I have no desire to go back into the working secular world. (If we hate the church as it is, how much more do we hate the secular world?) Yet this is God's word to me.  As a prophet, I am responsible to just relay the word and then live according to it as the Lord enables.


Because of this, we feel inevitably impelled to become planted in the secular working world in advance of this next revelation.  For over 25 years, I have had a strange spiritual drawing to the Rhode Island area where I grew up.  My drawing has puzzled me because the area is as dead as a door nail, yet I have been unable to escape the attraction of it.  Now, I believe the time is at hand for us to move there, and I am beginning to see how this can fit with the Lord's will.  Apart from this, we have no other vision or sense of direction.


Make no mistake, we are not going back as if to ignite some old line gospel ministry, or become activists for the Christian message.  We are only going back in obedience to our sense concerning this word.  We know that, until God reveals himself in a new way, we can do nothing.  We await that new revelation, and can do nothing otherwise but to prepare!


We close by asking you to pray for us, and agree with us concerning the Lord's will in this matter of our move.  It will be a tremendous culture shock to say the least.  We need God to move on our behalf and open doors of contact and relationship, both secular and Christian, so we can move into this place. 


We welcome any commentary from any of you concerning these, things.  We are open to any other change the Lord may show us, even if it somehow included ministry involvement.  But under the limited sight distance we have, we are doing the best we can with what we have.  As things develop, we will let you know.


Meanwhile, I can only ask you to ponder the things I have written here.  I cannot prove the truth of any of this to you.  But I leave it with the Lord to establish a witness concerning it in your hearts.  If in any way I am wrong about what I have seen, I am happy to be corrected by any word of the Lord that can prove itself to be more authoritative than what I have here.


The Lord be with you all until this next revelation.



ADDENDUM 2016 -- The Next Revelation of Christ: How Will the Word of God Be Expressed?


February, 2016

Today's article is a very late sequel to two previous  significant impartations from this ministry: The End of the Law of Mankind (1990) and The New Gentiles & The Next Revelation of Christ (1996).  It comes by way of the Lord's recent call to reorganize and make available all the past teachings of this ministry to the 21st century "cyber-body" of Christ.


In course of bringing all this together, it became clear there was some latent confusion between these two messages. The 1990 message said the glorified saints are to become the embodiment of the next dispensation of the Word of God, a theme introduced in the preceding message as the Coming Super Revelation of the Gospel. So in those articles, the next revelation of the Gospel is seen to be in the glorified saints themselves.


The 1996 treatise on the "next revelation of Christ" did not make this equation, but remained fuzzy in connecting the next revelation with the glorified saints. That article instead measured the coming revelation in terms of the Word's dissemination among mortals. It focused on the historic cataclysmic shifts in the message itself and its means of transmission that occur every time a new dispensation of God's self-revelation is introduced to men.


Interestingly, when I wrote the second treatise, the memory of having written the first articles around the glorified saints was veiled from me. When I write, I am only aware of what I am receiving in the present, and can only relate to something I wrote previously if the Lord brings it back to mind, which He did not in this case.


The purpose of today's article then, some 26 years after the first understanding and 20 years after its second variation, is to see if we can bring some harmonious clarification to these differing mortal and immortal concepts of the next revelation of God's Word. To do this, we need to start by looking at the nature of revelation itself.


Revelation and Its Embodied Means of Expression


When we are talking about revelation, we are talking about illumination to the heart, mind and the eye. We are talking of course about light itself.


But in our world, light often requires an "embodiment" for its transmission to be usable among us because of darkness. That embodiment could be as simple as a primitive wood torch, or it could be an oil-fed glass lantern, or an electric light bulb.


In these embodiments, the light and its means of transmission are not the same, yet are intrinsically inseparable. In all cases, there must be both the light energy itself (a flame or electric current) and an element to burn upon (a stick of wood, some oil and a cloth wick, or a tungsten filament inside of a glass bulb) in order to convey light amid darkness in our world.      


The same is true of spiritual revelation. We know God is spirit Light. He is the all consuming fire of the unseen universe. He is the unharnessed energy illumining all even as the naked sun lights the solar system. But to be Light in this fallen world, He requires "embodiment" to reach the spiritual eyes of men in dark places. He needs "something to burn on" in order to convey Himself to our hearts and minds.


Therefore, when we are talking about the "next revelation" of Christ and His Word, we are never just talking about the spiritual Light of Christ Himself. We must also talk about the embodied means for His expression.


So with regard to the previous discussions on this next revelation, we are considering different aspects of the combustible substance--the "filament" as it were--the embodied means of transmission by which God's Word is conveyed over time. We are not talking so much about Christ Himself, who is the Light energy through all.


Understanding the changing means of delivering that Light relative to what is yet to come is what these articles have been about. Reconciling the mortal and immortal aspects of that next delivery is what this article is about.



Time and Parts in the Expression


As we consider more carefully the expression and delivery of Christ's revelation to us, two factors immediately step forward that will help bring into focus the apparent disparities to be reconciled from the previous articles.


-         Time


The first factor is one we just hinted at about the "changing means" by which God's Word is embodied. This is the factor of progressive development over time.  


While God as Light never changes, the means of His embodied expression in this world have been steadily changing over the millenniums. They have been "improving."  We detailed these changing expressions in the 1996 treatise. We talked about the changes in revelation from Noah, to Abraham, to Moses, to Christ as relayed through Paul and then projecting into the coming change from there.


And is this not what we also see in the history of natural light transmission? We mentioned above some different light embodiments; first a torch, then a lantern, then an electric light bulb. Note how each succeeding embodiment has improved on the last. Each was developed during a certain dispensation in history. And it is still being developed.


As it is in the natural, so in the spiritual concerning the changing and developing embodiment of Gods light in the world.


-         Parts


The other factor affecting the embodiment of revelatory light is the variety of parts required. Whatever the housing is for the light, it rarely consists of just one object. Even a torch, the most primitive of light bearing instruments, is something more than a just a burning stick. A lasting usable torch is bound with some sort of pitch and tinder so the flame will last.


As Light embodiment improves, the number and complexity of parts needed to convey the light increase. An oil fed lantern includes a metal body, glass, a wick and other interior parts. When we come to the electric lightbulb, we have still more complexly manufactured metal and glass parts.


This is again true with the increasing display of the Living Word of God among us, except that the improving components are constructed by the Spirit. From a simple conversation between Noah and God, the transmission of the Word of God has taken on innumerable parts of developed expression through the multi-faceted Body of Christ based on a history of scriptures capturing numerous stories, truths and practices.





All together then, we see this developing over time of an embodiment of God's word consisting of more numerous and complex parts. If the revelation to Noah or Abraham was like that of a wooden torch, and the revelation through Moses was the equivalent of a glass lantern, the first revelation of Christ to humanity bodily and through the Church was like Edison's leap into the electric age!


Yet, there is another revelation to come, even further developed and consisting of more advanced, numerous parts.  



Reconciling the Variegated Elements of the Next Revelation of Christ


Once we spread out the components like this, it becomes easier to see that in talking about the "next revelation of Christ" and His Word, it is not just about whether it is embodied through the glorified saints alone or also expressed among the larger body of mortal saints concerning how the church meets, the new language to arise, or the nature of the message communicated. It is about both of these and all of these.


In other words, the next revelation through the immortals and its accompanying expression among the mortals are just different parts of the one overall awaited embodiment.


In the 1990 articles, we said that transmission of the Word of God through mortal man was coming to an end ("the end of the 'law' of mankind"). And this is so. It is so in the same way that Christ Himself first replaced the Law. Similarly, in the day at hand, the immortals will be the flawless embodiment of the revelation of Christ together with Christ, untainted by the legalisms and inadequacies under mortality. They will replace the clunky frail clay by which the original gospel has been transmitted. No errors. No quirks. No imbalances. Just pure perfect expression of the authoritative Living Word.


But even so, that next revelation will still be imparted to and through the remaining mortal church. This will be as it was when Christ imparted His gospel to the apostles. The apostles became the mortal embodiment of the perfected message even though they remained subject to incomplete understandings and divisions. All the changes that came to define what the new gospel and "ekklesia" was for this church age occurred through them.


Likewise, the mortals stewarding tomorrow's revelation will have a part to play in transmitting this next superior Word in tandem with the immortals who will supremely embody the renewed Living Gospel among us.


What are we seeing then? Just as there were immortal and immortal components to the last revelation of Christ, so will it be with the next. And just as Christ brought an end to the Law, though men afterward continued to live under it for a time, so will the immortal Sons of God bring an end to the Word of God through mortal mankind, although mortal men will continue for some time to steward this renewed revelation of Christ in more developed form.


Borrowing from our illustration of the light bulb which embodies the light, we can assign the mortal and immortal aspects of the next revelation to different parts of the one bulb housing. If Christ Himself is the light energy, and His own body is the filament, then we could liken the immortals to the immediate glass surrounding the filament through which the energy directly shines. And the mortals and their stewarding of all the mortal aspects would thus be as the "housing" comprised of the metal socket components to which the glass is affixed.


And so this is how we reconcile the two previous messages. The 1990 messages discussed the "brilliant glass" of the light bulb. The 1996 message described the housing of the light bulb with all its operating parts.



Which Comes First? The Chicken or the Egg?


So it is these mortal and immortal aspects will be in close proximity at the next revelation. Christ the returned resurrected Lord will be the fountainhead of the Word. The glorified saints will be the perfected immortalized grace display and carriers of the Gospel II, ending and replacing the "law" of the Word of God through flesh and blood with all its faulty soul images.


Yet the ages of immortality and mortality will be in overlap. The next revelation will still come to mortals among whom it will be developed. This was the focus of the 1996 treatise.  So there will be this interplay between the heavenlings and the earthlings in the next revelation*.


(*For further discussion on this overlap as it is to play out in the Promised Land, see Projecting National Israel's Destiny into the Age of Restoration from the treatise A Transcendental Presentation of Israel.)


But when I wrote the 1996 treatise, I could not conclusively cite the actually timing of this next revelation among the earthlings relative to its embodiment among the glorified. In discussing this timing, I surmised that it would actually precede the glorification in the same way that the dawn precedes the sunrise:


It is entirely within the realm of reality to say that the next revelation of Christ does not begin with His full-blown bodily appearingThis revelation will be but part of the dawning, a dawning that will include other developmental aspects before the Son of God appears in all his glory to take over the earth.


From another view though, it would make sense that the next revelation is actually transmitted first to and then from the glorified ones to the mortals. But that is not what I saw at that time. I was seeing the next revelation among the mortals similar to how John the Baptist received and preached the revelation of Christ ahead of Christ.


So there is this question of the "chicken and the egg." Which comes first? Does the next revelation come first as by the spirit of Elijah, as the dawn heralding the nearing immortal display? Or do the immortals receive it ahead of all the mortals who then transmit it to the mortals the way Christ passed on His gospel to the apostles?


Since the Father does things over and over in prophetically repeating patterns, my conclusion would have to finally be, "both are true!" Just as there was a "pre-revelation" from John thence to the actual revelation of Christ and thence to the apostles, I would say that the complete next revelation of Christ embodies a pre-revelation to forerunning apostles (as seen in the 1996 treatise) followed by the actual revelation through the glorified ones (as seen in the 1990 articles), who then impart back again to the commissioned mortals!


Let's stay tuned to find out.




Isn't the word of God amazing? Aren't the developments and the prophetic patterns breathtaking?  


May these late cumulative thoughts on these two prior teachings bring us all more light as we await and even now begin entering into the Spirit of the Next Revelation of Christ and the perfected Expression of the Word of God to this earth through His glorified saints.

Chris Anderson
New Meadow Neck, Rhode Island

First Love Ministry
- a ministry of Anglemar Fellowship