What is Christmas?


The day I want to point out

And what I am here to report

Is what itís all about and that on this day,

weíve all come up short!

Yeah, we get gifts, but they cost money

Take extra shifts

And whatís funny

Is we work more to give less

Just more stressÖ.letís confess!


Is it really giving when weíre out getting?

Is it really giving when weíre only spending?

Unless itís coming from the heart

Your pocket is a bad place to start!

Why is there only one day some choose to give and receive

When there is 364 more to show we love and believe

In a world that gives out of heart and not greed

And I know this isnít everyone, but admit that supporting it effects anyone

That sees you go along with a holiday thatís wrong


How do you influence the world

Without setting the right example

How do we turn them to Christ

Without being a light and emitting a sample?


Christ wasnít even born today!

It started as a pagan holiday!

So why do we all proclaim this is His birthday?

Yes itís a tradition

But itís been commercialized!

So why do we support its mission

If this is something weíve realized?


I love it though because I see

My family likes to give more than receive;

Something God sees and is pleased!

But please

I insist you resist

The urge to splurge

The want to want

The entire desire to require: a gift in return

To neglect to discern

What this poem brings to light and the lesson to be learned


Isaac Conarroe††††††† © 2014