The Sacrifices of God


I had a heart
‘twas made of stone
Though all do have
Felt all alone


This heart was always
Wanting more
Of love that hoped
Would buoy and shore


Up “Heart”, wake up! You’ll never find
The love that you have always pined
Forgo that dream and no more weep
If you will break, I’ll let you keep


My dream I have of love sublime
Comes through My “Door” Who opens in time
To those who wait and look for Me
I never forsake and faithful will be

To give you that which never fails
To give you that which human nails
Did fix Us to that cross of pain
To die a death that brought the rain


Drops of blood
An empty womb
Rise again from empty tomb
Break forth pure heart
That loves as Mine
Your heart that drips of Love Divine


© Sarah Faupel 12/24/16