Life to Death to Life in Him


From time long past My dream of you has been

to place you on the road that I have trod.

I give you time and trials, pain mixed with joy;

the suffering you have tasted I have shared!

Glory in this time with Me amidst life’s fiery trials.

My love for you has turned them all to gold.


Grow into My likeness that I may feel your heart beat one with Mine.

Your growing pains, I feel, as you develop in My womb

Skillfully wrought in the depths of the earth;

Fearfully and wonderfully made.

Born again to die; and Me to pluck, at last

My fruit…My body…as sweet reward.


I long to bring you home to Father’s house,

where I will bathe you in Our perfect care.

To cradle you in My warm embrace and I will wipe away your tears.

Like a baby, full of wonder you’ll be, speechless and trusting all again.

No torment of your soul, but perfect peace;

Taking in all of My love and seeing everything new.


When spirit leaves your mortal flesh,

I, the Lord, through death give birth.

Delivering My Spirit’s newest song

composed in the womb of dying earth.

I will name you, then, engraved on white stone,

and etched inside Our heart.


When I finally lay you down to sleep,

and take your spirit in My nail-scarred hands;

precious in My sight is your death,

for I weep to see you resurrect.

Life to death to life in Him;

your Life, hid in Christ, will never end.



©1999 Sarah Faupel