Beyond the Veil


There is a place, Iíve been there before

Itís heavenly wonder Iíll never get over


A place where time means nothing, and yet...

everythingís perfectly timed and set


A place where my sins I never remember

A place of such peace and constant surrender


This place makes me speechless, unable to pray

Yet perfect communion is able to stay


I walk in this place, re-enter the garden

My shame is released, I am perfectly pardoned


This place seems like heaven, though earth did not leave

nor hell all around me, from this no reprieve.


And yet in my being flows life from this place

Öor position

Öor paradigm;

itís US face to face!


It is not a ďplaceĒ I try to regale,

but eternal life in Christ in God beyond the veil


My eyes are wide open to this spiritual standing

Nothing can sever from love so demanding


But sometimes I feel that Iím only just here

Thatís when I canít bear to leave ones I hold dear


I choose now this hope (Hebrews 6:19)

I live not in fear

I live in this vision of God IN me HERE.



©2010 Sarah Faupel