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Poetry and Creative/Prophetic Writings




Just Content to be a Son     by George Warnock

The Way of the Cross     by Sarah Faupel (PDF Only)

He Speaks to Me in Silence     by Sarah Faupel (PDF Only)

Beyond the Veil     by Sarah Faupel

Life to Death to Life in Him     by Sarah Faupel

The Sacrifices of God     by Sarah Faupel

"Eternal Other" Valentine     by Sarah Faupel

Ready for Capture?      by Sarah Faupel

What is Christmas?     by Isaac Conarroe

Judas Iscariot     by Countee Cullen

The Secret of the Cross     by N.L.

Blessed are the Broken     by Meredith Terrenzio

Creative/Prophetic Writing

Truth in Love     by Sarah Faupel

The Sacrifice for Mercy     by Sarah Faupel

Sonrise!     by Cheryl McGrath

The Final Call     by Deborah Melissa Möller   (Part 1 of 4-Part Series-PDF Only)

The Exodus     by Deborah Melissa Möller   (Part 2 of 4-Part Series-PDF Only)

My Son David     by Deborah Melissa Möller  (Part 3 of 4-Part Series-PDF Only)

True Maturity     by Deborah Melissa Möller  (Part 4 of 4-Part Series-PDF Only)

The Betrothed     Author Unknown
The Wind, the Water and the Rain     Author Unknown

The New Gentiles and the Next Revelation of Christ     by Chris Anderson        (updated in 2016 with new Addendum)

Imminent Truth-Baptism Kingdom Force Movement     Chris Anderson

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